CAFOD Family Fast Day - 4 October

CAFOD Family Feast Day - Merged

This Friday 4 October is CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development), Family Fast Day.  For those of you unfamiliar with Family Fast Day the idea is that as a family you replace your main meal of the day with a simple meal and give to CAFOD the money you save by replacing the meal. 

This Family Fast Day CAFOD are focusing on raising money to enable people like Fabiano to have a water source closer to home. 

Fabiano’s Story - A Boy's Struggle to Stay in School

This Family Fast Day, we hear from Fabiano about the difference that a solar-powered water pump has made to him and his community.  For Fabiano, having water close to home means safety, time for school and the chance to pursue his dream of being a doctor.

Before our local engineers installed the pump, Fabiano had to walk 3 miles to collect water, morning and evening. Determined to get an education, Fabiano set out before dawn to be back in time for school.

Like many children, Fabiano was afraid of the dark. Sadly, his fear of danger in the shadows was all too real.

As Fabiano was carrying water home, a stranger emerged from the darkness and attacked him. Fabiano was terrified, abandoned the water can and ran in fear of his life.

Thanks to the generosity of those of us who take running water for granted CAFOD were there for Fabiano and they want to reach more children still risking their safety – and education – to get water. 

This is where we can help, if you are able to make a small donation, even if it were only 50p, we as a school could make a huge difference to people like Fabiano.  CAFOD Family Fast Day will be added to your ParentPay account to enable you to make a donation.  This will remain on your ParentPay account until Friday 11 October, which will hopefully enable you and your family to take part in the event even if you are unable to actually do it on Friday 4 October.

I will aim to let you know via the Parents’ Newsletter how much we raise.

Thank you in anticipation. 


Chaplaincy Co-Ordinator